Monday, October 31, 2022

Scandal in the making: possible behind-the-scenes suggestions regarding nuclear power plant

 Last Friday, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki informed on social media that American company Westinghouse will build the first nuclear power plant in Poland.

The decision was commented on the air during a live interview with TVP 1 by MP Marek Suski, chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Energy, Climate and State Assets.

The politician was asked about the opinion formulated by an opposition politician, Leszek Miller, that the selection of an American company to build the first nuclear power plant in Poland may open a new field of conflict with Brussels. 

While commenting on that Marek Suski said something that brought immediate attention: 

"I recall various behind-the-scenes proposals that if we buy a nuclear power plant from the French, it will turn out that there would be no issue with the rule of law in Poland, and if we buy from the Americans, it will turn out that there is no rule of law in Poland."

This story is developing, but it should be investigated because it suggests an attempt at corruption at the highest levels.

Source:  DoRzeczy(.)pl / Polish Press Agency / Mateusz Marek