Friday, November 11, 2022

Poland will issue international arrest warrants for Russian air traffic controllers

Source: Podkomisja ds. Ponownego Zbadania Wypadku Lotniczego / Republika

Portal 'Wpolityce': The Warsaw District Court issued a decision on the temporary arrest of Paweł Plusnin, Wiktor Ryzenko, and Nikolai Krasnokutski, who on April 10, 2010, managed the air traffic at the Smolensk-Severnyy airport (now Smolensk North Airport) where President Lech Kaczyński's plane was supposed to land. According to the prosecutor's office, they deliberately led to the disaster. The court agreed with this thesis.

The court's decision allows the National Public Prosecutor's Office to issue international arrest warrants for the controllers. 

According to the District Court, there is a high probability of the controllers committing the alleged acts, i.e. deliberately causing an air traffic catastrophe, because of which the entire 96-person delegation of the Polish state, headed for the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Katyn Massacre, was killed.

According to investigators, the controllers from Severnyy, allowing the descent of the TU-154M aircraft and the conditional approach to landing, were fully aware that it could end in a catastrophe and agreed to it.

When the formalities for the arrest warrants are completed in a few days, they will not be able to leave Russia without risking arrest. Polish prosecutors emphasize that they will look for these people all over the world.