Tuesday, December 13, 2022

The army of Belarus in combat readiness. Death penalty for 'treason.'

 In Belarus, a sudden check of the combat readiness of the Armed Forces began, which was ordered by Alexander Lukashenko. Belarusian troops will have to reach the designated areas as soon as possible, transport engineering equipment, organize a defense, and establish crossings over the Nemunas and Berezina rivers.

Belarusians have been warned about temporary traffic restrictions on some roads and sections due to the movement of military equipment and personnel.

In October, Lukashenko announced the creation of a joint regional group of troops with Russia. Then Moscow began the transfer of equipment and troops to Belarus. The Ministry of Defense in Minsk announced that 9,000 soldiers will take part in the group. In addition, Russia was to provide Belarus with 170 tanks, 200 armored combat vehicles, and 100 guns and mortars with a caliber above 100 mm.

The independent Russian "Novaja Gazeta" reported that the Russian command was concentrating forces in Belarus to attack the territory of Ukraine along its borders after gathering the appropriate number of troops. According to these reports, the offensive is scheduled for December, when the ground freezes. The supplies needed to carry out the operation are to be provided by Belarus.


The House of Representatives of the Belarusian National Assembly adopted a bill amending the Criminal Code in the first reading.

The amendment provides for "an exceptional measure of punishment in the form of the death penalty for committing high treason by a state official performing a public function or by a person with military status."