Saturday, January 21, 2023

Is the Belarusian regime preparing for the “final solution of the Polish question”?

The Telegram channel "Belarusian Intelligence" reports that during the meeting with the KGB leadership and eye-to-eye meetings with its leaders in the western regions of Belarus, President Lukashenka raised the "Polish question," referring to the "alarming signals" from the Russian intelligence and accused his KGB of "inaction, leniency and even sabotage. "

The Belarusian dictator heard a report on the operational situation in the field and fell into hysterics. The reason was the data of the Belarusian intelligence services on the holders of the 'Pole's Card' and on the number of Belarusians leaving for Poland for work, study, and political emigration.

Lukashenko suggested that anyone who has relations with Poland be considered a "potential traitor" and demanded an immediate reaction, calling the situation a potential for future geopolitical catastrophe in the west of Belarus and a premise for a future war. 

As a result, a narrative is to apply at a state level that "Poland is preparing to take back all territories that were within its borders before September 17, 1939".