Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Poland asks the US Congress for help regarding reparations from Germany

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: Deputy head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Arkadiusz Mularczyk informed that Poland had asked the US Congress for help obtaining war reparations from Germany.

On Tuesday, at a press conference, Mularczyk said that the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs had addressed this matter to several international organizations, including the United Nations, the Council of Europe, UNESCO, as well as fifty countries - members of the Council of Europe, NATO, and the European Union.

– Today, I want to inform you about another important initiative related to the internationalization of the issue of compensation. Today we address the US Congress. We believe that America is a country that today determines global order, a key country when it comes to respecting international order, human rights, the rule of law, and international justice, he said.

– That is why we are addressing the US Congress, primarily the chairman of the US Congress Helsinki Committee - Senator Benjamin Cardin, and congressman Gregory Meeks (chairman of the Congress' foreign affairs committee). Then to Senator Robert Menendez - chairman of the US Senate's foreign affairs committee, and Ms. Marcy Kaptur - co-chairman of the Polish American friendship group - explained Mularczyk. - We count on the support of the American side in the issue of seeking compensation by Poland for the effects of World War II - he added.

– I want to emphasize that to this day, Germany has not compensated Poland for war losses. Also, Polish citizens did not receive appropriate compensation from the German state. We see here an absolute asymmetry in the treatment of the Polish state, as well as the citizens of our country after the Potsdam conference, where the German state compensated, through international agreements, the countries of Western Europe, but also certain international communities, for compensatory benefits, and for the states these were benefits of compensation - explained the deputy minister.

He emphasized that "such a situation has never happened in relation to Poland because Poland has not had any bilateral agreement with Germany to this day." – No peace treaty was signed with Poland. What's more, Germany avoided the formula of settling accounts with our country - said Mularczyk. According to him, "the German side is fully aware of the failure to settle accounts with the Polish state for the damage inflicted during World War II."