Friday, January 13, 2023

Polish parliament, Sejm, adopted an amendment on the Supreme Court

The Sejm passed an act amending the act on the Supreme Court.

203 deputies voted for the amendment, 52 were against it, and 189 people abstained from voting.

December 13 last year PiS deputies submitted to the Sejm a draft amendment to the Act on the Supreme Court, which, according to the authors, is to complete a key "milestone" for the European Commission to unblock funds from the KPO. According to this draft, disciplinary and immunity cases of judges will be resolved by the Supreme Administrative Court, and not, as is the case with the recently established Chamber of Professional Responsibility of the Supreme Court. The project also extends the scope of the so-called a test of independence and impartiality of the judge, which could be initiated not only by the party to the proceedings, but also ex officio by the court itself.

The assumptions of the project were negotiated during the talks of the Minister on EU matters, Szymon Szynkowski vel Sęk, and European Commission in Brussels.

Earlier, President Andrzej Duda called for calm and constructive parliamentary work on the bill and indicated that he would not agree to solutions that undermine the constitutional system and would not allow any legal act to be introduced into the Polish legal system that would undermine judicial appointments or allow anyone to verify them.

Adoption by the Sejm of the amendment to the Act on the Supreme Court, which is to fill part of the so-called milestones, which is to allow the disbursement of funds from the National Recovery Plan.