Friday, May 26, 2023

No government jobs for former police informers

Today, the Sejm will vote on the amendment to the act defining the principles of civil service work. The amendment is to change the regulations on the National School of Public Administration and introduce a ban on employing collaborators of the security authorities in the years 1944-90.

"There is no awareness that the Russians have a full information when it comes to people who performed such functions. But, it turns out that there were tens of thousands of people currently working in both local governments and state offices," - Senior Marshal of the Sejm Antoni Macierewicz revealed on the Polish Radio.

"This law is not revenge, but state security. These people can be blackmailed by Russia." – said  Antoni Macierewicz.

"The communist services provided Russia with full information on this subject and these people may be under influence, and therefore, in the war situation in which we are now, we must ensure the security of Polish citizens."