Saturday, June 24, 2023

Call to prepare for an uprising in Belarus

 Niezalezna(.): Commander of Kalinowski Regiment fighting in Ukraine on Ukrainian side, appealed to Belarusians to prepare for resistance against Lukashenko's regime. This is the effect of the chaos that prevailed in Russia after the mercenaries from the Wagner Group revolted against the Russian Army.

Dzianis Prachoraŭ issued an appeal to the inhabitants of Belarus and soldiers serving in the armed forces controlled by the Lukashenko regime.

Soldiers, reservists, Belarusians - wait for our signal! It's time for freedom!

The time is right to destroy the dictatorship. This is the beginning of the end of tyranny! I am addressing all Belarusian military men. Do not take part in the internal Russian conflict. This civil war does not concern us. For Belarusians, something else is important. There comes a time when you will have to make a choice. Carry out criminal orders or keep the oath you swore allegiance to the Belarusian people. We have great reserves on the territory of Belarus, consisting of active military personnel and ordinary citizens who are ready to act and liberate Belarus from dictatorship and occupation. At the crucial moment, we will need people. Get ready to join the self-defense units. Every city, every district, every street must be ready to take control of its territory to bring order.