Tuesday, June 13, 2023

After the premiere of documentary "Reset" PiS asks Donald Tusk 12 questions

Niezalezna(.)pl: Law and Justice (PiS) reacted to the first episode of the series "Reset" by re-publishing 12 questions to Donald Tusk.

Already, in the first episode, the documentary series "Reset" (by Sławomir Cenckiewicz and Michał Rachoń) revealed the pro-Russian policy of the Civic Platform - Polish People's Fraction (PO-PSL) government, revealing the theses with which Radosław Sikorski went to meet Sergei Lavrov in 2008.

Tusk's statements about cooperation between Poland and Russia take on a new meaning in the face of the appointment of a commission to investigate Russian influence on Poland's security. Several weeks ago, we asked Donald Tusk (twelve) questions and it is worth asking him to answer them (in front of) the public opinion,- said PiS spokesmen Rafał Bochenek

Once again, twelve questions for Donald Tusk (...) If Donald Tusk has nothing to hide, he should answer - he said. - Perhaps he is afraid? Does he have something to hide? Please don't be afraid, please stand by the truth. Poles expect clarity and transparency!

12 questions for Donald Tusk:

1. Why did you abandon the installation of the American anti-missile shield in 2008-2009?

2. Why in 2010 did the PO-PSL government, led by you, write off PLN 1.2 billion to the Russian company Gazprom?

3. Why did your PO-PSL government accept the gas agreement with Gazprom until 2037, making Poland completely dependent of Russian energy?

4. Why did the PO-PSL government, led by you, not block the construction of the Nord Stream gas pipeline, but blocked the construction of the Baltic Pipe?

5. Why did your PO-PSL government want to sell the Mozejki refinery to the Russians?

6. Why did your PO-PSL government want to sell the Lotos group to the Russians?

7. Why has the PO-PSL government, led by you, never reached the threshold of financing the Polish army at the level set out in the budget act of 2 percent. GDP? In the years 2008-2013, the level of funding ranged between 1.76-1.89 percent. GDP.

8. Why did the PO-PSL government, led by you, liquidate military units in eastern Poland?

9. Why did the PO-PSL government, led by you, allow the data of Belarusian oppositionists to be made available, exposing them to a penal colony and confiscation of property?

10. Why did you hand over the Smolensk investigation to the Russians?

11. Do you know whom Radosław Sikorski advised or worked for, showing 800,000 euros of revenue from it?

12. Why do you still defend Sikorski? Do you know what exactly Sikorski receives 100,000 for? dollars a year and does he agree to take money from foreign countries?