Sunday, June 11, 2023

Poland will block EU's solutions regarding the relocation of migrants

Government spokesman Piotr Müller said during the 'Woronicza 17' program on television station 'TVP Info' that "Poland will block solutions regarding the relocation of migrants, because this is very short-term thinking, which in fact will cause the migration waves to go even further. ... Poland will not fulfill these obligations. if they become EU law."

"We have the right to refuse and bear any costs" - he noted.

According to the proposal of the "obligatory solidarity" the minimum annual number of migrant relocations will be set at 30,000 for each Member State. 

If this is a serious proposal, then Poland should not have to worry about accepting any new migrants for about one hundred years (after accepting over three million Ukrainian refugees) but knowing European politics one should assume that Poland will have to start accepting migrants next year or pay huge fines.