Sunday, August 20, 2023

Suicide of a priest accused of pedophilia

 DoRzeczy(.)pl: A priest from Szczecin committed suicide after he was accused of pedophilia on social media. A local politician posted his exact details and place of ministry online.

On Friday, Dominika J., a Civic Platform councilwoman from Szczecin, published a post on Facebook in which she wrote about the priest's behavior. The councilwoman raised the matter about which she was informed online. According to the account provided by the woman at the scene, the priest behaved indecently on the beach in the presence of children, including her daughter.

The politician shared the woman's post and commented on it. She also posted the priest's personally identifiable information, including a photo.

The post has been deleted, but it was widely shared on Twitter. The case quickly hit the media.

Radio Szczecin contacted the local police and verified these reports. A police spokesman confirmed the incident had taken place. The police were called about a man allegedly masturbating on the beach. Officers arrived at the scene and fined him for indecent behavior.

"However, the officer denied that the child was a witness to the incident - as he pointed out, all the people who were on the beach at that time were questioned. They did not confirm the version provided by the councilwoman to the police. The spokesman added that if the man had committed the act in the presence of the child, he would have been arrested. However, it did not happen" – says the text published by Radio Szczecin.

The priest jumped in front of the train.

According to the news portal 'Niezalezna,' the witnesses' testimonies do not confirm that the priest, in fact, masturbated on the beach. 

The politician who 'doxed' the priest may have legal problems now because in Poland disclosing personally identifiable information without permission is illegal.