Sunday, September 3, 2023

Conservative weekly "Sieci" discloses that American left-wing foundation pumps money into elections

WPolityce(.)pl: In the new issue of the weekly "Sieci," Marek Pyza describes how the Liberal/Socialist international organization wants to influence the outcome of the elections in Poland. Under the guise of encouraging people to vote, it pours an enormous amount of money into Polish non-governmental organizations whose banners have the overthrow of the United Right government — money from an unknown source.

In the article "Left Millions," Marek Pyza looks at the activities of 'Action for Democracy' (A4D), which has described Poland as a "battlefield" and is actively involved in this battle, planning to transfer funds to NGOs of its choice.

"Just look at the list of entities that received money from A4D. We have leftist activists for all matters, from Action Democracy, the National Women's Strike, "Political Critique," and the Liberté! Foundation, the Committee for the Defense of Democracy, Association 61 (founded by the daughter of the former president of the Constitutional Tribunal, Andrzej Rzepliński) and Initiative East (mainly climate activists, also associated with the German politicians), the 'Visible,' and the "Would you dare?" – writes the publicist.

"The Action for Democracy council is chaired by Kati Marton, a Hungarian American journalist, author of a book about Angela Merkel - 'The Chancellor.' (…) Who does Marton have at her side on the A4D council? For example, publicist Anne Applebaum (privately married to Radosław Sikorski, a former Minister of Foreign Affairs), political scientist Francis Fukuyama, and former British chief of diplomacy David Miliband," - Pyza adds.