Tuesday, September 19, 2023

"Democratic" opostion's press conference. Reporters pushed out

Niezalezna(.)pl: Michał Rachoń, a TV reporter, appeared today at the press conference of Donald Tusk and other Civic Platform (PO) politicians, organized in front of the Polish Television (TVP) headquarters. 

The journalist had several questions regarding, among others: Donald Tusk's reset policy. When he asked them at this press conference he was attacked by PO politicians and threatened. Among others they told him that they know where he lives.

The journalist expresses astonishment that "the leader of the opposition group that wants to rule in the country cannot explain fundamental issues related to the country's defense, energy security or special relations with Germany and Russia ."

Tusk's also announced that Mr. Rachoń will be responsible "criminally, not only disciplinaryly" when his party wins the elections. 

When asked about Tusk's words Rachoń said:

"If the Civic Platform comes to power, some special law will probably come into force, aimed at eliminating journalists from public life who had the nerve to ask uncomfortable questions to the Platform's representatives."