Monday, September 25, 2023

Did Germany and France promise Ukraine entry into the EU for overthrowing the conservative Polish government?

Dorzeczy/Niezalezna/WPolityce: Three different news media in Poland published a report of Polish TV journalist, Dominika Ćosić, reporting from Brussels about a plan of Germany and France regarding the Polish government.

"It is said unofficially in Brussels that Germany and France have promised the Ukrainian authorities a quick entry into the EU if Kiev helps to overthrow the current Polish government . They justify this by saying that the EU cannot be expanded without changing the treaties, and it is Poland that is blocking these changes" - points out Cosic, who is also a columnist for a portal "Do Rzeczy".

PN - that would explain a lot abot recent behavior of president Zelensky. It could also be a Fake News. Will see.