Saturday, September 9, 2023

In 6 years, average earnings in Poland will be at the level of French earnings

 The head of the Polish government stated that the Law and Justice party wants to offer Poles a vision of fair and solidarity-based economic development that will meet Poles' aspirations. 

- We want Poles to earn decent wages and to catch up with the West. We want to offer Poles a vision of a 'Solidary' state. We awakened the aspirations of Poles. We do not want a policy of poverty like there was during the previous government (created by) Civic Platform (PO) - Peoples Faction (PSL). We want the average salary to be PLN 10,000 at the end of our third term.

- In 6 years, average earnings in Poland will be at the level of French earnings, but without burning cars, broken windows, looted shops, churches, and schools, as in France. This vision is possible, - added the Prime Minister.

“We have excellent export results; PLN 750 billion at the beginning of our government's (first) term. This year, we have a chance to reach the historic mark of PLN 2 trillion in exports. And percentage increase to up to 60 percent of GDP," – said Morawiecki at the Law and Justice convention.

This proves Poland's growing competitiveness in the international arena since the share of exports in the GDP is proliferating.

“It is growing faster than in Germany, the export powerhouse. We also have a higher export surplus than them," added the PM.