Sunday, October 22, 2023

Lecturer at the Academy of War Arts: Donald Tusk deeply connected with the Russian-German system

'DoRzeczy': "Reset" (documentary series) shows how deeply we have been infiltrated by Russia and how deep the connections of Donald Tusk himself and his team with the Russian-German system - says Prof. Piotr Grochmalski, lecturer at the Academy of War Arts.

"Reset" shows something crucial. Namely, the connection between the appearance of Tusk, Smolensk, and Russia's aggression against Ukraine. This is easy to understand when you analyze the basic message of "Reset" - Grochmalski added. 

He pointed out that as part of the reset policy conducted in 2007-2015, Poland was disarming in all dimensions. In internal security, there was a reduction of police stations by 50%, and in external security, there was a reduction of the Polish army.

- It was not only an encouragement for Russia's aggression against Ukraine (...), but an encouragement for a large-scale hybrid war, and its element is the murder of six Polish generals in Smolensk. This is the most significant blow that Poland has suffered in the entire history of the Polish armed forces. Starting from the foundation of the state, Mieszko I (A.D. 966), such a situation has never happened - he emphasized.

Grochmalski said that "Reset" is "a key series when it comes to explaining how deeply we have been infiltrated by Russia."

Even Donald Tusk wrote in his book that when he walks down the street, he sometimes thinks that every fifth passer-by looks at him as the man who murdered the President of the Republic of Poland. 

- There has never been such a person in the entire history of Poland - said Grochmalski. - Believe me, in the entire history of Poland, there has never been a single person who could say something like that about himself.