Sunday, November 12, 2023

Orban commented on the case of four MEPs ('Band of Four'), whose immunities were lifted: "This is the beginning of the end"

DoRzeczy(.)pl: On Thursday, the European Parliament supported the motion to waive the immunities of the Polish MEPs Beata Kempa, Beata Mazurek, Patryk Jaki, and Tomasz Poręba.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban commented on the matter on social media: 

"A bureaucratic terrorist attack against free speech: the European Parliament lifted the immunity of four PiS MEPs for speaking out against illegal migration. The beginning of the end… Good morning, Europe!" - wrote the Hungarian leader on X/Twitter.

The reason for removing the immunities of The Band of Four* is noteworthy. It's about liking the Law and Justice election spot from the 2018 local elections campaign. Rafał Gaweł, the founder of the Center for Monitoring Racist and Xenophobic Behavior, applied to the Polish court to have their immunity lifted, accusing them of "incitement to hatred."

"You are a good man in this new world if you support this new communist European state; you are a bad person if you don't support it. And whether you are a good or bad person, whether you fight for a just cause or not, it makes no difference. That is why a criminal can become a good person here, and people who defend the interests of the Polish state are evil characters because they oppose this communist project," - commented Jaki, one of the four.

The Band of Four:

  • In Kempa's case, 378 MEPs were in favor of lifting his immunity, and 130 were against it. 
  • In Mazurek's case, 392 MEPs were in favor of lifting his immunity, with 134 votes against. 
  • In Poręba's case, 388 MEPs voted in favor of lifting immunity, while 131 voted against. 
  • In Jaki's case, voting was only by show of hands; no roll-call results were provided. Apparently, he is the WORST of them.
(*) 'Band of Four' is our own creation based on the old but proven communist style of branding people as criminals to justify their persecution. This is the beginning of the possible criminal case since the left-leaning parties may take over the Polish government soon, and with them, the old ranks of post-communist judges may come out to "reform" the Polish judicial system.