Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Retroactive censorship! The new Polish government ordered the destruction of the entire archive of the public media portal

Niezalezna(.)pl: The 'new' (it's legality is questioned) management of the public television (TVP), began... a major cleaning of the archives. The series "Reset" disappeared from TVP VOD, as well as recordings of broadcasts on YouTube and large collection, multi-years, of articles published on the tvp(.)info website. In the latter case, the entire archive was ordered to be destroyed!

Appointees of Minister of Culture entered TVP and started "purges." Their first decisions included: removing the "Reset" series from VOD and disabling the TVP Info channel. The tvp(.)info portal was also disabled.

The TVP Info signal has been turned off throughout Poland and in its place the TVP 1 signal is broadcast. On TVP 3, the TVP 2 signal is broadcast. TVP World has also been turned off - said the deputy head of the Television Information Agency, Samuel Pereira, for Telewizja Republika.

But that's not the end - it turns out that the TVP Info channel on YouTube is also being "cleaned". Materials are disappearing from there, especially those dealing with corruption of various politicians.