Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Poland in constitutional crisis created by the new parliament and Donald Tusk's government

This morning, news from Poland are dominated by the attempts to arrest two MPs who, apparently illegally, lost their madates (and immunity). 

The Sejm Marshall, function similar to that of Speaker of the House, who canceled their mandates now faces criminal probes since he has done so against the Supreme Court ruling, as well as Presidential Pardons they received in 2015.

The Marshall, Szymon Holownia, decided to postpone Sejm's session to next week to "calm down the storm" he created.

On top of that, at least one minister of the current government also faces criminal and constitutional probes over the events that took place on Christmas holidays.

The forcible takeover of state media was not only unconstitutional but also done in such haste that the laws were broken. Apparently, the decisions to change the management of radio and television stations were made based on Parliament's rulings before those ruling were made.

To that fact, the key documents were apparently falsified.

All those deeds were made by the people championed by the EU as true democratic leaders. Germany, "behind the curtain" leader of the EU, even financed the opposition party by giving them a huge loan that could only be repaid if they won. Now, we can see why Great Britain decided to leave the EU.