Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Donald Tusk and his party paid for hate posts against opposition and coalition parties

Yesterday evening, Wirtualna Polska (WP) journalists published their findings, according to which the Civic Platform has paid PLN 305,000 over the last eight years for "political analysis" on social media.

 According to WP's findings, Bartosz Kopania aka "Pablo Morales" runs two accounts that promote Platform's politicians and attack opponents of the party. He mainly attacks Law and Justice politicians, and most recently, Szymon Hołownia, Marshall (speaker) of the Sejm from Platform's coalition party.

Paweł Ozdoba (Sovereign Poland) commented on the matter at today's session of the Sejm:

Mr. Speaker, do you feel like a "moron, imbecile or an idiot," as Pablo Morales wrote, which was supposedly paid by Donald Tusk as invoices suggest? Because it was your colleague from the coalition who paid the man for hate campaign. You were supposed to be a "crybaby", a "clown", various other epithets were used against you. I am outraged that the face of such an important chamber was insulted by a coalition partner who is probably skiing somewhere.

After the October elections, Marshall Szymon Hołownia and his party were also insulted and accused, among other things, of being "useful idiots" of Law and Justice.

- Based on the reporting by Niezalezna(.)pl.