Thursday, February 22, 2024

"President Lech Kaczyński was murdered. You all know it." Shocking testimonies in the Sejm.

Today, as part of the Sejm session, the topic of the Smolensk catastrophe and the assessment of the work of the 'Smolensk' subcommittee came up.

Among others, Małgorzata Wasserman spoke: Look at me. I am the daughter of Zbigniew Wasserman, a victim of the Smolensk disaster. Do you remember April 10? Because I remember that you ruled. Are you unable to accept that the first hours after the disaster resulted in these proceedings continuing for years? - she addressed the Deputy Minister of National Defense, Cezary Tomczyk.

- You have to have a lot of nerve to talk about the neglect of evidence. You spoke today about bodies. I experienced two autopsies. Do you know why? Because no mandatory autopsies were performed in 2010, she continued.

Joanna Lichocka from Law and Justice said: "You all know about it. In 2024, I am surprised to see how faithful you are to Putin's line. It so happens that I was in Katyn at that time. I was supposed to cover the celebrations with the participation of the Polish delegation. I learned about this catastrophe while standing next to the graves of Polish officers. After a few hours, I watched the Russian news. Do you know what they said? "They attempted to land four times in bad weather conditions. Pilots' fault. The question is: How much pressure were they under?" - this is what Russia Today said.

I returned to Poland and turned on the supposedly Polish television, TVN. "They attempted to land four times in bad weather conditions. The question is, who put the pressure on them?"

You didn't have the courage to take this catastrophe seriously back then. You did not have the courage to take up the challenge that history placed on you. You gave everything to the Russians. You listened politely and humbly to Anodina's report. Tusk went skiing so as not to be in front of the cameras.

Later he said: "Polish findings will show the mistakes of the Polish side even more seriously." That's what you said then.

Today, when everyone knows that Putin is a murderer, you keep repeating the same thing. You are against those who say, "It was not the fault of the Polish pilots," and "It was not an ordinary disaster." The Polish president died in Russia, not because Russia is a normal, democratic country...

Maybe you would finally listen to President Zelensky, who has no doubts about what happened? Maybe you would finally take up the historical challenge regarding the honor and dignity of the Polish state? Instead of pursuing and ridiculing those who tried to fulfill this task, they took seriously the challenge presented by history and the Polish raison d'état to finally call a spade a spade: President Lech Kaczyński was murdered. The delegation accompanying him was murdered. You all know this. It's just that, for some reason, you don't have the courage to say that."

- Based on reporting by Niezalezna.