Sunday, February 18, 2024

Trump "woke up" Europe

Many people try to paint Trump as a monster who wants to work with Putin against the rest of the world, but the truth is he was/is right.

Not many people know that the two largest countries in Europe, Germany and France, have fewer tanks than Poland. Not many know that before war in Ukraine, German and French armament corporations wanted to join forces to build the new generation tanks. They "accepted" anybody who wanted to join the project except Poland. Possibly because Poland has the greatest need for new tanks, and now, after giving Ukraine all of their T72s and their much improved versions, PT-91 Twardys, Poland has even more needs. 

That explains why Poland spends 4% of it budget on defense twice as much as it is obligated by NATO. Germany, on the other hand, until now was openly refusing to meet their obligation, spending around 1.6 percent, and it showed. We all remember that while Poland was sending to Ukraine trains filled with tanks, Germany was spending helmets and blankets. 

Wprost(.)pl: The uproar caused by Donald Trump's words about NATO is having the desired effects. Signs of common sense are beginning to emerge from beneath the froth of Western pacifist illusions: the Bundeswehr will break the record for defense spending this year. German arms companies are recording an over 40 percent increase in share prices because the markets already know that the change is coming.

– The war must be moved back to Russia. Russian military installations, ministries and headquarters should be destroyed. It's time for Russian society to understand that they live under the rule of a dictator who is sacrificing the future of their country - such militant declarations from German politicians are a surprise, even if they are made by an MP from the opposition CDU, Roderich Kiesewetter.

A few days before Trump's declaration, Olaf Scholz told President Joe Biden that without the US, Ukraine is lost. The leader of Europe's largest power thus admitted that Europe would not even try to take some responsibility for its own security and stand up to Russia. Hardly anyone in Washington cared about Scholz's statements until Donald Trump blurted out that countries such as Germany, which skimp on their own defense money and count only on American support, would not be defended by his future administration.

We can definitely say that Donald Trump just "woke up" ­čśÇ people in Europe and in a good way.

- Based on reporting by Wprost(.)pl.