Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Polish farmers are blocking the roads entering Warsaw. Sejm refuses to add their grievances on the agenda

Tractors are banned from entering the capital, so protesting farmers are blocking the roads entering and leaving Warsaw.

Today's protests are the result of the government's refusal to do anything to stop EU's Green Deal.

The governing coalition MPs voted against adding a resolution to the Sejm's agenda on the situation in agriculture and meeting the demands of striking farmers.

Today, there are crowds of farmers on the streets of Warsaw protesting against the policies of the current government, against the uncontrolled inflow of agricultural products from Ukraine, and against the introduction of the 'Green Deal.'

At the beginning of the Sejm session, Law and Justice (PiS) MP Anna Gembicka submitted a formal motion to postpone the Sejm's work and supplement the agenda with a resolution "on the difficult situation in agriculture and meeting the demands of striking farmers." She wanted the Sejm to "immediately" take up this draft resolution because farmers are in Warsaw on Wednesday.

"This is a resolution submitted by the PiS club, but prepared by the farmers themselves, who today tell us, all MPs, 'Check'. Farmers asked and waited for someone from the Ministry of Agriculture to submit this resolution."

As she noted, deputy ministers of agriculture Michał Kołodziejczak and Stefan Krajewski, did not dare to submit this draft resolution.

Videos and photos from Warsaw show farmers and other protesters gathering near the building of the Sejm and the Chancellery of the Prime Minister. Also visible at the protest are representatives of, among others: Polish Hunting Association and "Solidarity."

Polish Prime Minister is nowhere to be found. There was a rumor that he wanted to talk to farmers' representatives ... on Saturday. 

- Based on the reports by Niezalezna(.)pl and Dorzeczy(.)pl.