Thursday, April 18, 2024

Krakow, Poland: It appears that local Sport teams were blackmailed to support a candidate for the city president

Columnist Wojciech Mucha received a letter from the Krakow sports community regarding the second round of the elections for the president of Krakow, in which it calls for voting for Aleksander Miszalski (PO) supported by the Civic Coalition. Later, "Sports Review" wrote about the case, but the text disappeared from the daily's website.

"I found an "open letter from the sports community in Krakow regarding the second round of elections for the mayor of Krakow", which calls for voting for Aleksander Miszalski.

This is a scandal and mixing sport with politics. Clubs are being drawn into the fray..." — Wojciech Mucha (@WojciechMucha) April 17, 2024

"According to my information, some representatives of the Clubs were told that if they did not sign it, the subsidies from the Ministry of Sport would be minimal. Some refused to sign and succumb to blackmail,” – wrote Wojciech Mucha on X.

Miszalski himself denies that he exerted pressure on sports clubs.

He commented on Wojciech Mucha's information in a debate on Radio Kraków. 

"No one pressured any sport clubs. This is a lie written by Wojciech Mucha, not confirmed by anyone. The letter was prepared by sports circles" - said the PO candidate.

- Based on reporting by Niezalezna.