Sunday, May 5, 2024

Minister of Interior threatens with lawsuits against those who slander his "good name"

During the celebration of Firefighter's Day, the head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration, Marcin Kierwiński, made a speech. Those who saw the video of the speech noticed the minister's unusual behavior and plenty of slurred words. 

The minister tried to explain his problems with articulating words during his speech at the central celebration of Firefighter's Day as "reverberation" and problems with the microphone or technical issues. To strengthen his narrative, minister Kierwiński showed a photo of the breathalyzer test result online, which showed a result of 0.0 of alcohol. He now intends to sue all those who voiced their opinion that he was not sober during the ceremony.

One of those who claimed that the minister was very drunk (not just under the influence of alcohol) is a former politician and colleague from the Civic Platform party, Jacek Protasiewicz. He did not mince words when he wrote that minister Kierwiński "was as ripped as a Messerschmitt," which roughly translates to "drunk like a sailor."

After the minister, who is in charge of the police force, posted his threats of legal action Protasiewicz posted his reply: 

"Hey MKierwinski - if I am among these people, send me a 'serve notice' (your people will find the address in a minute). I'm waiting. However, if you are thinking about 'serial suicides,' then let it go. I probably know them all. And, they know me. Nothing will come of it except another failure. There will be no party for you at the European Parliament."

- Based on reports by Dorzeczy, Niezalezna and Wpolityce. 

PN: I saw a video. I didn't see the minister behaving like a "drunk sailor," but I also noticed a lot of slurred words that he had to repeat. You would think the minister in charge of the police who just passed a sobriety test with 'flying colors' would think at least twice about posting a legal threat. Maybe, just maybe, his judgment was also a little off too.

* Messerschmitt was an infamous German fighter plane during WWII.