Thursday, June 6, 2024

A soldier stabbed by a migrant at the border has died! Cover up!

Today at 3:00 pm local time (9:00 EST), the wounded soldier has died.

 Last week, a Polish soldier on the section of the border with Belarus near Dubicze Cerkiewne was stabbed by a migrant at the steel barrier on the border. It happened while a group of migrants was trying to forcefully cross the border. The injured soldier was taken to the local hospital.

This morning, in the wake of information about the arrest of Polish soldiers also on the Polish-Belarusian border, there have been reports about the condition of the injured soldier who was currently staying at the Military Institute of Medicine in Warsaw. 

According to Niezalezna's whistle-blowers, contrary to official reports, the wounded soldier was clinically dead. The doctors have recently been put under pressure 'from above' to keep him artificially alive for the next few days. 

Later in the day, the former Minister of Health Katarzyna Sójka provided more sensational reports about the death of the soldier. According to her, despite government press releases about his improvements, the soldier's internal organs and brain failed a few days ago. He was clinically dead. His body was to stay on life support until the elections.

What kind of elections? ELECTIONS to the European Parliament. 

There is speculation that his death could have been avoided if he was not afraid to use his weapon. He most likely knew what happened to two soldiers who had to give warning shots into the ground after warning shots into the air did not stop the attackers.

- Based on reporting by Niezalezna and Wpolityce.