Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Another arrested civil servant claims psychological and physical abuse

Poland: The father of a third arrested civil servant, Andrzej Skrzetuski, has sent a letter in which he demands the release of his daughter from custody. - The daughter informs that the actions of the Bodnar prosecutor's office bear the characteristics of psychological as well as physical abuse, similar to what happened in the case of Father Olszewski - he emphasized.

The woman was not allowed to contact her closest family (husband and child) for a period of a month, and her requests for clean clothes and underwear were ignored. She was humiliated by being ordered to undress, relieve herself and wash herself in the presence of guards. 

Here are the fragments of Mr. Skrzetuski's letter:

"The icon of Our Lady of Prison, drawn for Mother's Day by my daughter Urszula, arrested, like Father Olszewski and her friend Karolina, for alleged irregularities in granting subsidies to the "Profeto" foundation for the construction of a center for victims of crime. Meanwhile, everything was done in accordance with the law, and the center is almost ready, " ...

" unfortunately, Bodnar's Ministry of Injustice has halted construction and is still trying to find justification for the actions taken that are against the law, and especially for the arrest."

Mr. Skrzetuski emphasized that "the lawyers of the arrested claim that they have never encountered such absurd allegations in their legal practice." 

The big irony is that the head prosecutor Adam Bodnar who ordered those arrests, and is most likely behind the ill treatment or those arrested, used to be a Commissioner for Human Rights and, according to Wikipedia, human rights activist.

- Based on reporting by Niezalezna.