Apology? You wish

WATE.com: ... For the first time, he responded, but he didn’t have an apology.
“I don’t. Except I didn’t say Poland was responsible for the Holocaust. In a way I wish very much that I hadn’t mentioned any countries because it’s distracted some folks from my point....” 
Translation: If I didn't mention Poland they wouldn't even know I was talking about them. So, no apology.

One word: arrogance. This is not a first high official in Obama administration that thinks he/she is above all of it (including law). But maybe by their own rules they will have to do something about it.

BTW - The campaign to have him fired will STOP as soon as he apologizes. But if there is no apology by the end of this week we will see it through and try to get 100,000 signatures and see what happens.

#Holocaust #FBI