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Saturday, March 10, 2012

This is how federal government fights crime

In the news from last week you could read that the FBI has sent a team to Russia to investigate whether News Corp. (owner of Fox News) was involved in any corruption in that country. FBI was also investigating the New York Police Department on the methods used to collect information among Muslims to prevent terrorist attacks.

Although corruption is an important issue but an investigation into the owner of Fox News, the only media organization in the U.S. daring to openly criticize President Obama and his government, has political motivation written all over. What's more, Eric Holder, the U.S. Attorney General refuses to investigate the more serious cases. For example: Jon Corzine for several months now claims that he "simply" does not know where he misplaced his investors' money (MF Global investors' to be precise). This is not a modest sum. This is 1.5 billion dollars. This money does not belong to "1 percent" so hated by liberal media. Those are savings of the farmers who now have no money for the crops. What does this mean? We will witness the bankruptcies of many (hundreds, maybe even thousands) of U.S. farms resulting in the rise of food prices.

You would think that the FBI is best equipped to find this money. But not when a suspect is a big player in the Democratic party. Jon Corzine is a former governor of New Jersey, a colleague and financial supporter of President Obama. In light of the scandal, the Obama campaign gave back $70,000 to Corzine but kept $150,000 received from MF Global.

I would like to know what criteria FBI uses to select cases it works on. Why is it important to investigate an alleged offense of Fox News's owners while a possible major financial crime is overlooked? And where in all this an investigation of the New York Police Department fits in? Since when the prevention of terrorist attacks and surveillance of Muslim groups from New Jersey is a crime? It needs to be reminded that many terrorist operations, including the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center and the 9/11 attack were masterminded in New Jersey.