Monday, September 1, 2014

Great battle in Eastern Ukraine. Update: massacre

The are reports that Russian forces surrounded and most likely destroyed large number of Ukrainian voluntary forces, militias. The Ukrainian authorities didn't have any control over them so they don't know their numbers. "They are executing us like on the shooting range. With everything they got: tanks, artillery, 'grad' missiles and machine guns." - related commander of one of those units who survived the fighting.

According to the authorities those units are not likely to surrender to Russians because they were all part of the revolution in Kiev.

UPDATE - we can't call it a battle since it was a betrayal and later a massacre
We just learned that nearly 5,000 Ukrainian militia troops were surrounded by Russian regular forces and only 600 broke through. At some point Putin declared that the "humanitarian corridor" will be created but later the Russian artillery destroyed the Ukrainian convoy of trucks and infantry fighting vehicles carrying wondered troops that was waiting for a permission to use such "corridor". There are reports that after the attack the Russians swept nearby fields killing heavily wounded soldiers.