Thursday, October 2, 2014

Two deadly epidemics spreading in US are not because of Global Warming

Let's jump in front of the crowd and declare, just in case, that Enterovirus and Ebola epidemics in the US are not because of Global Warming. If anything it's because of WH politics, incompetence and stupidity.

Few things happened in last few weeks that exposed us to those diseases.

First, we had a massive inflow of illegal immigrants who were allowed to cross into the country. They were never screened for any disease. Each state is now housing several hundred of them.

Second, US never banned incoming flights from W. Africa as other countries did.

Third, TSA should quarantine any suspect flier but it did not. The rules for that have been changed few years ago by the Obama administration.

Now, children are already dying of the Enterovirus and they shouldn't.

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