Saturday, February 28, 2015

Burza po morderstwie krytyka Putina

Morderstwo jednego z największych krytyków Putina, Borysa Niemcowa, wywołało burze na całym świecie. Zarówno w Europie jak i w Ameryce. Co o tym myślą Rosjanie jest wielka zagadka. Warto jednak zaznaczyć ze w Rosji są ludzie którzy nie boja się narazić życie dla prawdy, coś co coraz trudniej spotkać w krajach Zachodu i może dlatego Zachód przegrywa konflikt z Putinem.



Friday, February 27, 2015

Obama saved Internet, but we can't see the regulations

The "most transparent" administration ever have saved the Internet for evil capitalists. The new regulations are great for all of us, they are so good that we can't see them. Most likely because Obama's wisdom poured onto paper would blind us.

Of course there are some stupid Republicans who see some kind of conspiracy in all of this. But as well known equivalent to Russia Pravda, The Washington Post, writes:
Let's stop this nonsense right here. It's a stretch to think the FCC is withholding anything. While it was certainly within FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler's power to release his draft proposal before it came to a vote, the regulations now must go through a formal process before they become official. 
In other words you will see it when you see it. Most likely it will be published on Great Friday when we will be busy getting ready to celebrate Easter another weekend.

#Obama #Obamanet

Thursday, February 26, 2015



We now know why Obama was/is quiet about Ukraine crisis

While we are busy worrying about crisis in Ukraine President Obama is taking advantage of our distraction. This week he is taking over the Internet and in few days he will go after the guns by banning production and sale of ammunition for the most popular sport gun AR-15.

Both actions are nothing short of taking away our freedoms.




Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The last days of FREE Internet

Freedom on the Internet was a given. You could do anything you wanted. Those with bright ideas became instant millionaires and billionaires. You could criticize Obama and Putin, even Hillary Clinton. You could, without fear, say that the IRS is a government approved mafia hit squad. Later you would be audited on unrelated issues, but it would still be worth it.


Obama is taking over the Internet. Tomorrow FCC will vote on Internet regulations, that we are not allowed to see, and Internet will become a utility governed by the Feds.

The only good thing is that the permission to start your website will be available at your local DMV office. Oh wait.....

Can you say 1984?!

#Internet #netneutrality #Obama #FCC #freedom #1984

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

UK sends troops to Ukraine

In March British troops will be sent to Ukraine. Mostly as advisors and trainers. They will teach intel gathering, logistics and more. Cameron says that if nothing will be done other countries are in danger.

It's good to see that someone in the West guts. Where is Obama? It's too cold for golf anyway.

#Putin #Ukraine #Russia #Cameron #UK #Obama



Russians fired upon Ukrainian forces

Citizen Investigative Journalists from proved that last summer Russian forces launched their missiles at advancing Ukrainian forces from Russian territory. Have they not done that the Ukrainian forces would have cut cross border link between rebels and Russian military. That would have also effectively end the war.
Ukrainian armed forces positioned near the Russian-Ukrainian border were attacked by artillery fire in the summer of 2014. Between 9 July and 5 September 2014, the Ukrainian Border Service and the National Security and Defense Council reported more than 120 artillery attacks from Russia. Russian officials, however, have denied the existence of any artillery attacks on Ukraine originating from its territory.
 The pressure of sustained artillery attacks through early August led Ukrainian armed forces to lose control of hundreds of kilometers of border territory. Google Earth satellite images of eastern Ukraine from July, August, and September 2014 have enabled the Bellingcat investigation team to find evidence of these artillery attacks, determine their origin, and compare them with local sources.
Here is a question: if 6 internet users could find evidence of Russian attack are we expected to believe that neither American or British intelligence services could not?

Why CIA, DIA, NSA and MI-6 who have access not only to Google Maps but to satellite, ground radar and AEWAC (airborne early warning and control) platforms did not find such prove?

How much do you want to bet that they did but kept it quiet?

#Obama #Ukraine #Russia #Putin #NATO #war

Obamanet starts on Friday

If everything goes well for Democrats by Friday the "net neutrality" will be voted on by FCC, not Congress, and we will have Obamanet. The "most transparent" administration ever is refusing to release the proposed regulations for public review. It must be really bad if they don't want us to see it. Those who saw it but are bound by confidentiality agreements sound the alarms. They want us to demand that Obama releases the proposed regulations for 30 day public review.





Sunday, February 22, 2015

Ida across the web / Ida w sieci

‘Ida’ Wins Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film


Ida wygrała

Ida wygrała pierwszego Oscara dla Polski.

Polski film, już uważany przez tygodnik Time przebojem roku zasłużenie wygrał Oskara. Film w porównaniu z większością amerykańskiej produkcji ma tylko 80 minut długości ale nie dość ze wspaniale komunikuje to co chce powiedzieć to ma jeszcze długie momenty gdzie nie ma dialogu.

W USA film zarobił już kilka milionów dolarów. Film jest dostępny na serwisach Netflix i Amazon Prime i może to tam zarabia większość pieniędzy ale jeśli wygra Oskara może tez pojawić się w kinach.

Według tygodnika ten film pomoże Pawłowi Pawlikowskiemu w jego międzynarodowej karierze.

Jeszcze raz, ponieważ widziałem ten film szczerze go polecam.



IDA won the first Oscar for Poland!


Time on its website said:
Ida, which is a nominee for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar, may be the unlikeliest breakthrough in years.
The film, which has earned a staggering-for-its-class $3.7 million at the U.S. box office, is remarkable both as a work of art confronting the twentieth century and as a universal story of lost innocence and the world’s corrupting effect on individuals...
Our congratulations to Pawel Pawlikowski.

BTW this movie is available on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

#Ida #Oscar #Oscars #Palikowski

Germans prove again that their loyalties are a big question mark

One of today's headlines comes from German web site. It tells us that Germany refused to sell Lithuania its tanks. Needless to say, this decision is very problematic. Just as the misleading headline, because we are not talking about tanks. Lithuania wanted to buy armored transport vehicle, Boxer, that could not be mistaken for a tank (see picture). It is however considered among the best in the world.


It may be a good news for Polish manufacturers of armored vehicles, Rosomak, and Lithuanian army since they could share parts and support with Polish Army.


Putin planned attack on Ukraine long before it all started

According to Russian daily, Nowaja Gazieta (New Gazete) gained accessed to the documents that show that plan of attack on Ukraine was formed between Feb. 4th and 15th, which is still a week before Majdan.

This shows the lies we were fed by Russian propaganda, and still are.

#Putin #Ukraine #Russia #NATO




Saturday, February 21, 2015

No interest in stopping Putin

American media swept Ukraine crisis under the rug as quickly as they could. Obama helped them by doing absolutely nothing. Let me repeat that, he did absolutely nothing on that issue (not even twitter hashtag). So, nobody could catch him on anything. Then Rudolph Giuliani dared to say that the One doesn't love America and the (shit) storm has started.

Now what Giuliani has said is more important than what Obama has done, or more precisely what he didn't do.

The CNN has been all over Giuliani 24 hours a day. Ukraine, nothing ... except for the fact that they already show it as part of Russia.

Obama owns the Urkaine's crisis. Over 5,500 people has died under his watch. But it is Giuliani that has to apologize.





Friday, February 20, 2015

More Russian tanks

According to Ukraine officials another 20 tanks, 10 missile launchers and 15 trucks crossed the border with Russia. They also reported buses of "volunteers" that crossed the border as well. So much for cease-fire and peace talks with Russia.

#Ukraine #Russia #Putin


President Obama truly loves America and American people. He loves them so much that he decided to give them a break from criticism of his lack of strategy against ISIS.

The State Department "let it slip" that America is finally coming after ISIS and that it will take place in April. We are giving them advance notice so, I guess, it would be a fair fight. They can fortify their positions, no rush, there is plenty of time, buy some Iranian tanks, buy some more Toyota pick-up trucks and shiny new AK-47s.

So, Obama loves America. Who cares about our young soldiers.

BTW giving enemy such information is against the law, but than again, Obama is above it.





Thursday, February 19, 2015

Tylko Kaczyński wie jak traktować fałszywych sojuszników

Okazuje się ze w Polsce tylko Jarosław Kaczyński wie jak traktować fałszywych sojuszników odmawiając spotkania z Orbanem. Z drugiej strony pani premier Kopacz pokazała ze ma duże serce i zdecydowała się na "trudne" rozmowy z prezydentem Węgier. Jedność Europy przeciw agresji ma fundamentalne znaczenie - zgodnie przyznali Ewa Kopacz i Viktor Orban na wspólnej konferencji prasowej. Szefowie rządów Polski i Węgier mówili też dużo o wspólnej historii obydwu narodów.
To co powiedzieli sobie powinno mieć miejsce tydzień temu aby nakłonić aby nie zdradzał powyższych zasad. Teraz jest już za późno. Teraz Orban tylko wykorzystuje naiwność nowo upieczonej Premier.

#Kaczyński #Orban #Kopacz




Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Who needs enemies if you have EU politicians as friends?!

Putin needed a success in Ukraine and Germany and France delivered.

Pro-Russian rebels were in trouble, their offensive was loosing steam. So what did Putin do? He proposed the cease-fire talks and Germany's Merkel and France's Hollande jumped for the opportunity. They kept others, namely Polish diplomats, away and did everything to allow Putin win in Ukraine, maybe not on purpose but by arrogance and (let's say it) stupidity.

Have you noticed that everybody says that Ukraine lost railway hub but nobody wants to say that cease-fire was broken? Actually, they say that cease-fire is mostly observed.

#Ukraine #Putin #Russia #Merkel #Minsk 

Polska powinna zerwać kontakty dyplomatyczne i gospodarcze z Węgrami

To co w ostatnich dniach zrobił rzad Węgier nie da się nazwać inaczej niż zdrada sojuszników w Europie i w NATO. Jeśli mamy prawo spodziewać się pomocy od naszych sojuszników zza oceanu to tym bardziej mamy prawo spodziewać się tego samego od bliższych nam sojuszników którzy odzyskali wolność w tym samym czasie i którzy zapłacili za to wysoka cenę (1956).

Wszystko wskazuje na to ze Węgrzy sprzedali swoich sojuszników za niższe ceny gazu, tylko za niższe ceny gazu, nie uzyskali nic więcej. W tym samym czasie gdy Polska i kraje Bałtyckie płacą wysoką cenę gospodarczą za sankcje nałożone na Rosję przez Unie Europejska i USA.

Putin uzyskał od Węgier niesamowitą pomoc dyplomatyczną.
...dla Putina zaś najważniejsze było to, że po raz pierwszy od wybuchu konfliktu ukraińskiego mógł po raz pierwszy odwiedzić państwo UE... -
...że może przemawiać do świata z państwa Unii Europejskiej...
Jeśli Węgry są w stanie sprzedać swoich sojuszników za "30 srebrników" (lub gaz) to co zrobią w zagrożeniu wojennym?

#Rosja #Putin #Węgry #Polska #Wojna #Ukraina #Orban #NATO




Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Forget about cease-fire, Ukrainian positions are about to be overrun

Right before the Minsk talks have started Russian troops and rebels finished an encirclement of about 8,000 Ukrainian troops. Since then the fighting was so intense that government troops have run out of ammunition.

Few months ago there was similar situation. Hundreds of Ukrainian were encircled and were massacred. Under a cease-fire those who survived were allowed to lay down their weapons and evacuate in the humanitarian convoy. However this convoy was shelled by supposedly Russian artillery.

This story explains why Ukrainian troops fight to the last bullet.

more information:
The Battle of Ilovaisk: Details of a Massacre Inside Rebel-Held Eastern Ukraine

#Putin #Russia #Ukraine




Monday, February 16, 2015

We are being lied to about Ukraine crisis by Putin and EU leaders

Every word you ever heard coming from Putin's mouth is a lie. The cease-fire and other results of Minsk summit are the biggest disaster since Munich Agreement in 1938. The West practically gave away Ukraine's sovereignty in exchange for illusion of peace. The naivete of  the leaders of Germany and France is appalling.

Don't believe me?

Then read this: On the Road to Putinlandia - Petro Poroshenko, the president of Ukraine, surveys the damage done by Russia and asks for ‘a miracle’ of U.S. arms. (if the link takes you to paid version search for the bold text on Google News).

Putin's smugness is not an accident.
#Putin #Russia #Minsk #Ukraine #Merkel

Wreszcie ktoś w USA poszedł po rozum do głowy, wysłali do Europy samoloty A-10

CNN podaje ze Air Force wysyła do Europy 12 samolotów A-10. To znane z dwóch wojen w Iraku i na Bałkanach samoloty specjalnie zaprojektowane do niszczenie rosyjskich czołgów. Mogą to robić karabinem maszynowym który wystrzeliwując 4000 30-sto milimetrowych kul (z uranowym czubkiem) na minute tnie czołg na sitko lub rakietami anty-czołgowymi o kilku kilometrowym zasięgu.

Tu jest okazja dla polskiej armii i mam nadzieje ze ta informacja dojdzie do właściwych uszu: Air Force planuje wycofać te samoloty z eksploatacji na rzecz nowych myśliwców F-35. Kupując te samoloty, za pół-darmo, Polska miała by prawdziwą anty-czołgową pięść która mogłaby odstraszyć zarówno Białoruś jak i Rosję.

#Polska #Ukraina #Rosja #Putin

Cease-fire Putin style: explosions every 10 seconds

Ukrainian military says that yesterday (first official start of cease-fire) their positions were fired upon 112 times. According to Reuters in  Debaltseve explosions can be heard every 10 seconds. Ukrainian military had 5 dead and 25 wounded. Rebels use tanks and multiple missile launchers, Grad.

Grad missile launcher

#Ukraine #Putin #Russia




Sunday, February 15, 2015

Russia breaks cease-fire; ISIS beheads 21 Christians; Obama attends fundraiser

While ISIS beheads 21 Christians on TV the "first selfie president" (and most selfie) yawns and then attends a fundraiser (dedicated to him) for Q&A about his international strategy. The fundraiser was unusual because you only needed to "donate" $10,000 to $32,000 to attend.

At the same time Russia broke cease-fire in Ukraine that Obama personally helped to disarm, and took credit for it.

Senator Barack Obama inspected decommissioned artillery shells in a warehouse in Donetsk, Ukraine

#ILoveObama #Obama

Kompromitacja Unii Europejskiej i USA

To co się dzieje na Ukrainie, kolejne złamanie porozumień przez Rosję, to kompromitacja Unii Europejskiej i Ameryki, i ich polityki udawania twardej postawy wobec agresji. Udowadnia także ze racje maja ci którzy mówią ze Polska nie może liczyć na żadną pomoc w razie ataku i dlatego musi mieć armie zdolna obronić niepodległość.

Polska musi także mieć rzad i prezydenta którzy są poza wszelkimi podejrzeniami korupcji. W dniu dzisiejszym jest to nie możliwe. Wybory które się ostatnio odbyły przyniosły tyle podejrzeń o fałszerstwa ze wygląda na to ze demokracja w Polsce jest zagrożona. A bez demokracji niepodległość jest w zasadzie nie możliwa.

To smutna prawda na dzień dzisiejszy. Ale mamy jeszcze szanse to naprawić. Polacy w kraju musza być aktywni w życiu politycznym, na bieżąco obserwować co się dzieje i karać przy urnach wyborczych polityków którzy lamia ich zaufanie. Polacy mieszkający w Ameryce powinni wreszcie zaangażować się w życie polityczne w tym kraju i pomagać wybierać polityków którzy nie są obojętni, jak Obama, na sytuacje w Europie i nie zawiodą naszych oczekiwań gdy nadejdzie śmiertelne zagrożenie.

Ani prezydent Obama, ani Hilary Clinton, ani w obecnej nikt z partii Demokratycznej tych kryteriów nie spełnia. Niestety mało jest takich ludzi także w partii Republikańskiej ale jest ich kilku i musimy ich poprzeć. Od tego zależy nasza przyszłość i przyszłość następnych pokoleń.

#Ukraina #Rosja #Putin #Obama #Clinton #Polska #USA




Friday, February 13, 2015

Russia and rebels want to take Mariupol before cease-fire

Since yesterday's "peace talks" rebels and Russian "tourists" intensified fighting over Mariupol and Debaltseve. According to Ukrainian inteligence reports the 10,000 Russian troops that are currently in Eastern Ukraine received orders from Moscow to take thouse 2 cities.

Mariupol controls the only land route to Russian occupied Crimea. Debaltseve is an important communication, railroads, center. According to CNN,  see Forlorn City... from 2/11 post, the city is already devastated and 90% of population have already escaped.

The push comes now so after cease-fire takes effect Ukrainian troops would not be able to take them back.

The BIG question is: why did European leaders agreed to cease-fire to take effect on Sunday and immediately?

#Russia #Putin #war #Ukraine




Thursday, February 12, 2015

Obama's "selfie stick"

Obama got himself "selfie stick", now we will be able to know exactly what he is doing. Finally.

Wojna w Europie wisi na włosku a nasz sojusznik, Obama, kupił sobie "selfie stick"

Dobrze wiedziec ze przywodca wolnego swiata troszczy sie o wazne sprawy. Na przyklad: jak zapobiec wojnie swiatowej, jak uratowac zakladnikow w rekach ISIS, jak nie dopuscic do zapasci gospodarczej, i wszystko inne co bedzie dobrze wygladalo w zdjeciu z telefonu czyli "selfie".

Och jak ja dobrze wygladam

While in Minsk Putin calls on Ukrainian troops to lay down their weapons

In a "live" report from Minsk by The Telegraph I found this little gem:
12.15 Read a translation of the full text agreed upon by the leaders of Ukraine, Russia, France and Germany, and signed by pro-Russian separatists,...
12.09 Vladimir Putin urge Ukrainian troops encircled by rebels to lay down arms
12.04 European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said she d...
So, instead of telling his "little green people" to stop fighting he tells Ukrainians encircled by them to surrender. I wonder why would some people have doubts that this peace deal will work? I mean, we can trust Putin, right?

#Putin #Russia #Ukraine #Minsk

Shock: While they talked about peace Russian tanks crossed the border (updated)

Ukrainian military claims that while leaders of Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France were talking about peace in Minsk, Belarus, 50 Russian tanks crossed the border. Besides tanks there were 40 multiple missile launchers and another 50 infantry fighting vehicles (light tanks).

Are you shocked? You shouldn't be.

In the mean time the cease-fire deal was announced. It will get into effect on Saturday Sunday. By then you can count on more tanks crossing the border and more damage being done by them.

#Putin #Russia #Minsk #Ukraine




Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Shock: Man who killed 3 Muslims is a not Tea Party member

To the great disappointment of Liberal media the man who killed three young Muslims in North Carolina is not a Tea Party member, Republican, nor NRA gun rights defender. He is a self-professed "anti-theist" and Rachel Maddow Show fan. In other words he is a LIBERAL.

This a horrific act of violence over a parking space (?). However father of the two victims says it was a hate crime.


Russian TV: our tanks can be in Warsaw in 24 hours

Russian TV, channel 5, declared that Russian tanks could easily travel to Warsaw (1,300 kilometers) in 24 hours. Helsinki, Tallin and Vilnius wouldn't even notice them. And why stop in there. The "friendly" visit in Berlin is long overdue.

This was not a "slip of the tongue". They put some effort into that show, see pictures below.

#Russia #Putin #Poland #Warsaw

Surrounded Ukrainians destroy 12 tanks

Almost surrounded Ukrainian troops, government says they are in difficult situation while rebels say they surrounded them, suffered 19 killed and 78 wounded. But, they managed to destroy 12 tanks, 14 Grad missile launchers (multiple missile tubes mounted on large trucks), 16 infantry fighting vehicles and 42 other military vehicles. Rebels suffered 87 killed.

Don't worry, Russians have plenty more tanks (most likely already on the way).

#Ukraine #Russia #Putin