Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Attention Poles in America: Stop watching CNN!!!

Do you like to search for different things on Google? I recommend that you enter: Poland.

If you do you will learn, thanks to CNN, that the Jews feel threatened in Poland. More than in Germany, Great Britain or France.

If the "journalists" from CNN took their time to check the facts they would learn from the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) reported that:

In 2003 (...) the countries with the most significant number of attacks were Belgium, France , Germany , the Netherlands and the UK . 

You would think that they would update their stats a bit more often, it is already 2018, and make it more readily available. Unless they have something to hide, of course. Maybe they are embarrassed by what they see. So, I found and dig out this stat from their newer report:

As you can see Poland has much less hate crimes reported than many other countries.

This is not the first CNN attack on Poland. Not long ago Fareed Zakaria announced that a coup d'état had taken place in Poland.

Is one of America's main allies marching "in the direction of a dictatorship"? Fareed takes a look at Poland's recent turn towards authoritarianism. Source: CNN

Once again, I appeal to Poles in the USA:
Stop watching CNN and ask others to do the same!