Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Did Tillerson have to go over ... Poland?

Looking for a reason why Trump fired Tillerson? I may have one.

A few days ago major Polish media outlet, Gazeta Wyborcza, that could easily be a local copy of The New York Times or Washington Post, just as Liberal and left leaning, announced that Polish President have caused a major crisis between Poland and US by not accepting a phone call from the Secretary of State. They claim that his reasoning was that SoS is on a lower level of government hierarchy than himself and that would be inappropriate. Tillerson was also known for criticizing, even condemning, Polish President over a decision to sign a controversial bill outlawing blaming Poland for crimes committed by Nazi Germany.

It's most likely that Trump had different reasons to fire SoS, but if you are a conspiracy theorist you are welcome to use this one.