Friday, April 20, 2018

Can we remind EVERYBODY that exactly 3 years ago we petitioned to fire this guy?!!

Respectfully, I would like to point out to the LEFT and RIGHT that all of that could have been avoided if 3 years ago (April 19, 2015) our petition to fire Comey have not been ignored. But nobody listened!!!

We did that after Mr. Comey wrote that Poles are partly responsible for the Holocaust. James Comey wrote in a column for the Washington Post: “In their minds, the murderers and accomplices of Germany, and Poland, and Hungary, and so many, many other places didn’t do something evil. They convinced themselves it was the right thing to do, the thing they had to do. That’s what people do. And that should truly frighten us." 

Yes, even back then he was more interested in publishing than fighting crime.

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