Thursday, April 26, 2018

The true nature of the socialized medical system exposed by the case of 2 year old boy who just wouldn't die

Those of you who spend every moment of your free time trying to prove how wonderful Obamacare, Romnyecare and British NHS is/are, should pay a special attention to this story. Because it may happen to you, or your family.

Don't think that since you, by some luck, were not aborted, you are out of the woods. There is still euthanasia.

As Thomas D. Williams writes on Breitbart: "The story surrounding Alfie Evans is one of the biggest bio ethical scandals of our day, a textbook case of the overreach of a superpowered administrative state into the lives of private citizens..."

Public figures such as Pope Francis, the president of the European Parliament, the president of Poland and others have weighed in on behalf of Alfie and his parents, and yet the UK authorities and the judiciary are not only refusing to keep the boy on life support they are also refusing to let him be transferred to Italy, he just received Italian citizenship just for that purpose, for medical treatment meant to save him.

It was just reported that British police is threatening users of social media who support Alfie Evans and his parents.

As far as I know the protests have been mounting in both UK and Poland, yeah Poland, against keeping little Alfie as a hostage of a government health care system where their judgement is a final judgement. -- Again, keep in mind the Euthanasia.

What is really scary is that the UK court system is siding with the establishment against the rights of Alfie and his parents to seek treatment elsewhere. The hospital has made it clear they have no intention of returning Alfie to the custody of his parents until he is dead.

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