Wednesday, April 3, 2019

CNN "reports": European Union takes legal action to protect Polish judges

People at CNN can't help themselves, they "report" on what EU is doing to Poland but turn their report into biased commentary. In their leading paragraph they say: "The European Union has launched legal proceedings aimed at protecting Poland's judges from political control, a statement from the European Commission revealed Wednesday, saying the Polish government's moves are creating 'a chilling effect.'"

But of course the CNN didn't stop there:
"Since coming to power in 2015, Poland's ruling right-wing Law and Justice party, known as PiS, has implemented a series of changes expanding its power over the country's judiciary. The ongoing disagreement with the EU led to the bloc's highest court ruling in December that Poland must "immediately" suspend a law that forced Supreme Court judges over the age of 65 to retire. The move pushed 27 of the 72 judges off the bench, with government critics calling it an attempt to take greater control of the judiciary."

If you took that "reporting" at face value, you would think, and I know that some people do, that some right-wing dictators committed a coup d'etat, CNN's Fareed Zakaria actually used those words, and now persecute freedom minded judges. But, as it almost always is with CNN they can't be farther from the truth.

First, some fact that CNN failed to tell. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union and Communist regime in Poland only one group of Polish society was spared any attempt to clean the ranks from communist collaborators. In other word the same judges who used to jail protesters, Solidarity workers' union activists and other oppositionist are still "judging" unsuspecting citizens. Even judges who jailed current PM and his father are still enjoying their elevated positions of power. 

The current ruling party says that it is about time to clean the ranks of the judiciary from people that do not belong there in the first place. It was also one of the election promises made to the voters and they simply keep their promise. 

But, CNN of course failed to mention any of that.