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Saturday, May 4, 2019

Meet America's most "useful idiot"

The competition is over. In fully "Democratic" fashion we don't even have to count votes. We have a winner. the America's most useful idiot is ... this guy.

Yes, this hair and posture look familiar, thank Go (I'm sorry) he didn't got up, it's Bernie S.

Someone finally published a video from his famous "goodwill" honeymoon vacation in Russia where he spent time drinking naked, or nearly naked, with his hosts, and again, we are thankful for not showing us any more details.

Obviously, this had to be explained, so The Washington Post published an article about it quoting Jeff Weaver, his senior adviser, that the trip was Sanders' effort to form partnerships between people.

"Just like his politics in the U.S. are animated by bringing ordinary people together," Weaver said, the trip to the Soviet Union "was an example of that, if you can get people from everyday walks of life together, you can break through some of the animosity that exists on a governmental level." 

They also mentioned that Sanders had visited Nicaragua in 1985 and hailed the revolution there, and voiced his admiration for the Cuban revolution led by Fidel Castro. But, they somehow omitted his refusal to criticize the regime in Venezuela. I wonder why? Is it because of the videos of military trucks driving over human beings? 

I wander if anybody ever told Mr. Sanders that there is 99.5% chance that his drinking buddies in Russia were KGB agents, and the remaining .5% the so called "informers."

So if you want to vote in the upcoming presidential elections for the socialist, why not the world's MOST "USEFUL IDIOT."