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Friday, June 28, 2019

10,000 troops against revolting city

Poznan 1956 - Wikipedia/Dorzeczy
63 years ago in the heart of Europe, communist regime decided to trample down on the revolt of workers in a large city. Protesting on the city's street people demanded "jobs and bread" and "Christian, not Bolshevik Poland". The regime responded in a familiar fashion. They sent 400 tanks and 10,000 troops. In two days of fighting 58 people were killed and 600 wounded. In following months, almost 500 more were arrested and brutally tortured. 

The youngest victim was 12 years old, Then there were two 15 year old and one 16, all trade high school students. The rest were workers. None of the military leaders were ever prosecuted for the deaths of the civilians, all of them were promoted and later retired in the Soviet Union.

Just another story from the "workers' paradise" that Senator Sanders is so fond of. The event is now known as the Poznan 1956 Uprising.

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