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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Council of Europe did what?!!

It's already a sure thing that if the Liberals want to do something that we all hate they will vote on it under the cover of the darkness, in the middle of the night. It's even got its own name, Vampire Legislation.

What did they do this time you ask? They gave Russia full voting rights at the Council of Europe. The rights that Russia lost after the illegal annexation of the Crimean Peninsula. Russia didn't do anything to deserve a change, but, that doesn't bother Eurocrats (a new word for Google's dictionary), as long as Russian gas is flowing to Germany at the lower price then to Poland or other Russian neighbors. 

So, today we woke up to the new reality, Russia again received full voting rights in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. This was decided by the body in the vote, which took place in Strasbourg last night from Monday to Tuesday. 118 parliamentarians from member countries voted in favor of the declaration, 62 were against and 10 abstained. 

In the mean time, literally the same day, Russia started another unannounced huge military exercises in Central Russia. Which worries all of Russia's European neighbors, especially Ukraine and Georgia. Thousands of troops are involved while many more were placed in military readiness. The question is: did we see it coming? 

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