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Sunday, June 16, 2019

It's not just a treason it's also a major provocation

Image from Politico
Trump has already called Times' Saturday story "a virtual act of Treason" but I would also call it a major provocation. 

First, it gives Putin a perfect excuse for another cyber attack, and knowing NYT they will say that it was provoked by Trump. 

Second, it implies that "Trump was not briefed in detail on the program out of fear that he would spill secrets to Russians." That could force Trump to do a major crackdown on "deep state" in the military that thinks that they have a right to do that.

Third, the article also implies that Congress is behind those cyber moves which would be unconstitutional. 

An finally, fourth. It seems that the NYT is trying to give Obama credit for giving orders during his last days in office to do something about Russian cyber threat that he did not have guts to do during his two terms.

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