Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Good news about Poland, for a change

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In a few days President Trump will visit Poland. That caused the "world wide left" to attack both Trump and Poland under the pretext of protecting Poland from itself (or democracy supposedly stolen by a democratically elected government). But, despite their efforts the good news, or in this case not negative, about what is happening in Poland slowly seep through their information blockade. 

Today, the Financial Times reports that "Poland proposes first balanced budget in three decades."

The article points out that since coming to power in 2015, the socially conservative Law and Justice has sharply boosted welfare spending and other "handouts" to "not well-off Poles." But, despite all that Poland's Prime Minister announced that in 2020 country's deficit will be 0 (zero).

That of course caused a lot of heads on the left to explode and the opposition politicians to call it pre-election gimmick. Will see, but there is one significant thing about the current government in Poland. They keep their promises.