Thursday, August 22, 2019

September 1st is coming, the attacks on Poland are becoming more and more intense

The round anniversary (80th) of September 1st is coming along with the expected visit of President Trump, the attacks on Poland are more and more intense. 

This week Poland is hit most strongly by the well-known leftist publication Foreign Policy with an article by Jo-Ann Mort titled "Donald Trump and the War for Polish History." And a subtitle that leaves no doubt about the subject: "The Law and Justice party is trying to reframe the fight against the Nazis and communism — and the U.S. president is a useful pawn." 

The first sentence of the article already shows us what it is all about: 

"When U.S. President Donald Trump travels to Poland at the end of August to mark the 80th anniversary of the start of World War II, he will become a player in another war—this one for historical truth." 

In the article, the first violin is obviously played by evil and grim Law and Justice paty (PiS) and well-known warriors for freedom and democracy like Lech Walesa, Solidarity - whose merits PiS supposedly wants to marginalize, Gazeta Wyborcza - founded, according to the author, by the above Solidarity (not a word about Michnik), and of course heroically fighting for democracy and pluralism in Gdańsk, President Dulkiewicz whose voice breaks when she mentions PiS. 

It is easy to draw conclusions from the article that after taking the site of first exchange of fire of the WWII, Westerplatte, from city of Gdańsk, the Law and Justice party, which does not know what to do with it now, will build monuments for Polish Nationalism there and the current Trump's visit will strengthen PiS in changing Poland's history. 

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