Friday, August 23, 2019

The American daily calls for cancellation of Trump's visit to Poland. Hmm!

Yes it does! Or in the editorial rooms.
(Why censor single person whose views are not Politically Correct if you can censor or punish the whole country?)

It's one day closer to Trump's visit to Poland and "liberal" media is already going "all-in" against Poland because, they finally noticed, its government shares Trump's views on many subjects. We (they) can't have that.

The Washington Post, has published an article entitled "Here's the other trip President Trump should cancel"  because of the good of the Polish-American partnership.

Even the "centrist" publication in Poland, Wprost, 'raised its eyebrows.' Maybe because they know what is going on in the US media. I mean, for nearly whole week the CNN is raising hell about Trump canceling trip to Denmark. 

So, how the upcoming visit of President Trump to Poland could spoil this relationship? 
Whoever wrote this column in the Opinion section thinks that since there is an election campaign going on in there with sharp disputes over "cultural issues" like LGBTQ marches, scandals related to abortion and sexual abuse in the Catholic Church it's easy for a diplomatic stumble. And we all know how bad Trump is. They, Trump and current Polish government, share the views on restrictive immigration policy, abortion and LGBTQ rights, and skepticism towards the European Union, and so any wrong move by Trump will sour any relationships with future Polish and this time liberal, therefore legitimate, government in Warsaw. 
They conclude that due to the state of Polish democracy (really bad because conservative) and the American-Polish partnership, it would be better for the president to stay home next week.

Somehow they don't tell the readers that that's exactly what Vladimir Putin would wish, because next week Poland commemorates the 80th anniversary, therefore very special  anniversary, of the beginning of World War II (September 1, 1939) and Poland has no problem reminding everyone that Soviet Russia was Hitler's close partner in that affair and invaded Poland (September 17, 1939) from the east effectively ending Poland's ability to defend itself, just about the time when the Polish army begun to stop German advances.

So, if anyone out there still repeats the mantra that Putin helped Trump win election please tell me why the Liberals want to help Putin now.