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Thursday, January 30, 2020

Operation Kutschera / Zamach na Kutschere

(pl.) 1 lutego 1944 roku AK dokonała zamachu na Kutschere. Polakom nie musimy o tym przypominać ale Amerykanom, Kanadyjczykom, Brytyjczykom musimy. Proszę przekażcie poniższy post dalej.

Roundup of "hostages" in Warsaw
(en.) On 1 February 1944 special unit of the Home Army, Kedyw, responsible for sabotage and executions successfully executed SS general Franz Kutschera and police chief in German-occupied Warsaw. 

Kutschera in 4 months of his reign in Warsaw dramatically increased the terror against the Polish population ordering almost daily executions of the so called "hostages" killed in reprisal for any underground activities. As a result, the Polish underground leadership ordered Kutschera's execution.

In this unprecedented operation of the Polish underground in the center of Warsaw, Kedyw lost in total 4 fighters. A day later, on February 2nd, Germans true to their methods executed 300 "hostages". Later, as the result of the operation Germans stopped public executions of the hostages.

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