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Sunday, March 29, 2020

Taiwan's success comes from not trusting China?

Polish corespondents: Taiwan's success in their fight with corona virus comes from not trusting China. It consists of three things. First of all: very quick reaction. Second: disbelief in what China is saying. Third: full transparency. Taiwan has experience with China, it understands how China works and understood that when they say that it is not such a big problem, it means that it is a very big problem. As early as December 31, border controls were increased, especially for passengers arriving from China. 

Taiwan knew something disturbing was happening in China when China informed the World Health Organization on December 31 that there is a virus, but there is no evidence that it is spreading from person to person.

In the case of China we have two versions of the situation: the official one, that China stopped the epidemic, and the accounts Chinese doctors, the reports from crematoriums and studies that say that these figures are understated up to ten times.

At this moment, despite being located nearly next door, Taiwan has only 298 cases and 2 deaths.