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Saturday, March 21, 2020

Why Spain is loosing to the virus

Do you know why Spain is experiencing the most active virus spread in Europe and maybe the World? You will not hear about it from CNN or New York Times (unless you read between the lines). Most likely because you would find out how socialist ideology won over the common sense and simple human morality, because knowing what is going on in Italy is was immoral to organize such event. 

Last weekend we celebrated the March 8th, the International Women’s Day (when I say we, I mean myself included). In Spain, the socialist-communist government and the worker Unions decided to celebrate that day with a huge march, 120,000 people, and women's general strike. Let me stress that: the Spain's government actively promoted the demonstration in Madrid (and 500 other street demonstrations) across their own country and abroad. The march was lead by Spain's Minister of Gender Equality who 4 days later was tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. Prime Minister's wife who also took part in the march was tested positive as well. 

- Now Spain has the second-highest number of coronavirus infections of any European country, after Italy, overtaking the larger nations of France and Germany, and faces the fastest spreading contagion on the Continent - writes the NY Times but completely avoiding mention of the events of March 8th.

But that's not all. Spain's government was also late with their reaction. The chief epidemiologist of the country, Fernando Simón, has repeatedly and publicly disregarded the threat. He even had a laughter attack during the public appearances in the face of data about already 30 fatalities.
There was also a lack of political will to "close" Madrid's airports and exit routes from the city when it turned out to be the focal point of the epidemic for the rest of the country. After March 9, infection rates showed that the virus spread faster in Madrid than in Milan. Residents of Madrid, having heard of the epidemic in the capital, went to their summer residences on the coasts and in the mountains, distributing COVID-19 to the rest of the country. Students of closed colleges returning to family homes also had an impact on the expansion of infections.

But it gets worse. The lack of central authority or respect for the directives flowing from Madrid resulted in country's lack of unity and solidarity in the fight against the virus. The governments of the separatist regions of Catalonia and the Basque Country simply did not comply with the government's decisions. 

Those were cardinal errors, for which perhaps the Sanchez government will have to answer. The degree of ideological blindness caused a number of mistakes and a lost fight against time. There is a high probability that it is no longer possible to correct the cardinal, or even criminal, errors of the socialist-communist coalition government. The war between death and life has just begun there.