Wednesday, April 8, 2020

5,000 cases in Poland with 136 deaths

This morning Ministry of Health informed about 152 new cases, which means that the total number of coronavirus cases in Poland has reached 5,000. At the same time the ministry informed about seven new deaths. Yesterday, there were 435 new cases and 22 deaths, so the numbers seem to go down, hopefully.

At the same time Polish government is trying to save the country's economy. Today a Financial Shield was announced were government offers 100 billion PLN ($24 billion) for Polish companies in the form of loans and grants.

At the same time European Union found time to violate Poland's sovereignty. The European Court of Justice (ECJ) told Poland to suspend the disciplinary chamber of Poland’s Supreme Court over questions about its independence. 

On Monday, Poland’s lower house of parliament approved a draft legislation to allow a May presidential election to be held as a postal ballot due to the coronavirus. While opposition parties are "pulling their hair out" calling it another step toward stealing the elections the World's liberal news organizations are very careful in criticizing the latest move of the ruling "nationalist" party since In America such form of voting is Democrats' dream-come-true.

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