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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Italians furious with Germans. Dramatic drop in support for the European Union

The number of Italian citizens supporting the European Union has fallen almost 30 percent reports IL Giornale.

Italians' satisfaction with EU membership has dropped significantly - by half in the last twenty years - from 57% in 2000 down to 30% nowadays.

What once had a symbolic value for the Italians, European unity, gradually ceased to exist. The prevailing idea is that Europe is a source of damage to this country, not a chance for cohesion and mutual assistance.

The Italians are particularly unhappy with Germany, which they accuse of solely caring for its own interests. In response to the recent survey almost three out of four respondents believe that "Germany suffocates Italians" and is the main culprit that EU countries are reluctant to help their country in connection with the coronavirus. 16% have the opposite view, and 14% have no view on that issue.