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Friday, May 22, 2020

Polish scientists may create one of the first drugs in the world for Covid-19

Will Polish scientists create the first drug in the world for Covid-19? "It is based on the plasma of those healed."

Research on the drug for COVID-19 based on the plasma from those who recovered from the coronavirus disease, survivors, will be conducted in the city of Lublin. The project already received funding from the Medical Research Agency.

The medicinal product containing immunoglobulins (IGG), i.e. antibodies for therapy in the treatment of patients suffering from SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infection, will be manufactured by the Polish company Biomed Lublin. The medicine will be based on plasma from people who have been infected with coronavirus and have recovered.

"Blood donation centers will collect plasma from those who have antibodies, including those who had mild infection or infection with no symptoms." For the needs of this project, plasma will be collected from about 230 people which will allow make about 3,000 doses of the drug.

Biomed Lublin announced in a press release that three months after receiving the plasma, the drug will be ready for testing. "In accordance with the requirements of the pharmaceutical law, before a drug can be authorized, it must undergo clinical tests confirming its effectiveness and safety" - says the president of Biomed Lublin. The final stage will be the registration of the drug.

"Biomed Lublin is the only company in Poland and one of the few in Europe that has the technology to produce immunoglobulins from the plasma of the healed survivors. As soon as we receive the right amount of plasma that meets the specifications, we can start producing the drug, first for research, and then start creating inventory in the event of a second wave of infection at the end of this year," said Piotr Fic, member of the Management Board for Biomed Lublin Operations.